Developing your story, characters, conflict and theme the Pixar way.

A step-by-step development workshop (Englisch) mit Dean Movshovitz aus Los Angeles (Kurssprache Englisch, mit deutschsprachigem Host aus dem writer´studio-Team)

In this class we will examine what makes a story worthy of a feature film and learn the best tools to develop the seed of an idea into a film synopsis - the blueprint for a full screenplay. We will discuss various dramaturgical subjects including: format, conflict, theme, antagonism, loglines, character building, empathy, backstory, structure, dialogue and scene-writing, often inspired by examples from the moving, exemplary films by Pixar Studios.
Most screenplays aren’t rejected because of a badly written scene or a clunky piece of dialogue, but because the premise behind them isn’t strong enough to sustain a full-length feature film.

Class breakdown:
Class #1: Finding Your Screenplay’s Premise and Logline.
Class #2: Creating Compelling, Relatable Characters.
Class #3: Structure
Class #4: Scene-Writing and Theme
Class #5: Scene-Writing Workshop

Participants will receive an assignment every week, designed to progress the development of a script idea from a seed to a synopsis. Each class will be one part presentation of screenwriting theory and concepts, and one part group reading and analysis of participants assignments. The final assignments will be writing a 2 page synopsis of your script, and writing one scene from it.

Students assignments will be shared via email (or in another method) before class, so everyone can read each others material in advance, and discuss it in class.


  • Participants should watch RATATOUILLE before the first class, and INSIDE OUT before the third.
  • It is recommended that participants watch other Pixar films (in particular Toy Story, Toy Story 3, Finding Nemo Up).
  • Participants are encouraged to read at least one screenplays of produced films. The screenplay for The Bourne Identity will be provided by the class.
  • Empfohlen: vorheriger Besuch von Writers Tricks, Feministischer Schreibworkshop) und/oder Short Story

Recommended (but not required) reading:
· Pixar Storytelling by Dean Movshovitz
· The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler

Dean MovshovitzTrainer: Dean Movshovitz is a screenwriter and author known for his #1 Amazon bestseller “Pixar Storytelling: Rules for Effective Storytelling Based on Pixar’s Greatest Films”.
Dean has worked on TV projects for Cineteve, Blackpills and UFA. He has earned a BA in Screenwriting from Tel Aviv University and is a graduate of Serial Eyes, Europe's premier postgraduate training program for television writers and producers. He is based in Los Angeles and is a freelance script consultant.

Sprache: Vortrag und Diskussion in Englisch. Eine Trainerin des writers´studio wird als Host dabei sein, so dass, wer mag, Texte auf Deutsch schreiben und Feedback darauf bekommen kann

Gruppe: 4-12 Teilnehmer*innen


Dauer: 5 Abende
Termine: 3./10. September, 1./8./15. Oktober 2022
jeweils Samstag 17-20.30 Uhr
Seminargebühr: Frühbucherpreis bis 2 Wochen vor Beginn: € 569,-, dnach € 620,-
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